About Our Atelier

Mimi Fong Atelier

Born out of a lifelong exploration of art and design, Mimi Fong Atelier is as much an elevated state of mind as a multifocal creative studio - where playful innovation and experimentation, mindful reflection and nimble handiwork all coalesce. In this sunlit, solar-powered studio a never-ending creative metamorphosis is continually underway, founded on an ethos of producing timeless, effortless and inspiring pieces - often unearthing remnants of both fashion and personal histories - and collaging them into modern, minimal pieces - both youthful and eternal, consequential and creative. It's beauty at its most elemental, harnessing the very notion of conscientiousness as raw material and creating enduring moments that seamlessly blend into the wearer's own personal narrative. The result is style that evolves with you and thus never goes out of style. It's confidence in its purest form - a state of existing in complete harmony with the world around you from an exhilarating artisanal space where art and design effortlessly intertwine.

Mimi Fong reversible silk dress in black & lavender.


Mimi Fong cashmere dress with feather detail.

Reflecting on the holistic nature of ourselves and the world, many of the Atelier's pieces are also reversible, revealing contrasting colors, complementary tones, and unexpected juxtapositions. The clothing that comes out of the Atelier fully expresses the spirit of balance, featuring luxurious silk inner linings that feel like a second skin, never overlooking the equal importance of interior quality and comfort to exterior flair, accentuating that what's on the inside is always as important as what's on the outside.

Mimi Fong ruched cashmere dress in navy.

Mimi Fong wool dress and jacket in orange.

By frequently embracing overlooked or underappreciated garments and reshaping them into hybrid creations that fuse past and future, new clothing is born that evokes both where you've come from and where you're headed, becoming an integral part of you, your style and your life. It's a wholly contemporary vantage on vintage - upcycling forgotten items into ethereal, elegant, wearable art.

Mimi Fong repurposed '70s fleece outerwear redesigned into top and geometric piped skirt with faux fur bag.

Mimi Fong repurposed leather bag and polar hoodie jacket in white.

Seamlessly fusing the classic with the unconventional, fabrics from the Atelier are encouraged to tell their own story, allowing raw edges or errant threads to gorgeously redefine a neckline or sleeve - perfectly imperfect, echoing the Japanese concept of wabi sabi - the aesthetic of transience - in which tiny imperfections evoke grace and beauty. 

Mimi Fong crinkle linen top in black.
Mimi Fong Recycled Hoodie Dress.

The Atelier's founding philosophy has always been embodied in the values of unhurried fashion, letting designs evolve organically, slowly, mindfully and intentionally - each item of clothing fashioned one at a time, in limited quantities, with painstaking care paid to every stitch, flourish and detail. In celebration of this vision and it's creations the Atelier has now released an exquisite, limited-edition monograph of its signature pieces. This exclusive full-color volume is an impressionistic companion to the Atelier's trademark art and fashion, a multilayered journey through its most iconic creations. Meant to visually engage as well as creatively inspire, this odyssey through the artistry of dressing is a must-have for any collector of the Atelier's clothing, accessories and art objects - a photographic touchstone of the core principles that inspire each visionary piece. 

Mimi Fong spotty dress in red and black detail.

Mimi Fong Atelier pieces will always be symbolic of its fundamental belief: love what you do, love who you are, wear what you love and nothing goes out of style - the style is you. These clothes exude a quiet confidence, layered with luxury and timelessly fresh, classics that will last a lifetime and forever anchor your wardrobe, highlighting everything you do, embracing everything you are.


Selected photos from The Atelier Book, from top: mock neck layered tank dress in natural; reversible silk dress in black & lavender; cashmere dress with feather detail; ruched cashmere dress in navy; orange wool dress & jacket; repurposed '70s fleece outerwear recreated into top and geometric piped skirt with faux fur bag; from left, repurposed '90s chaise redesigned into leather bag; faux fur hoodie jacket in white; crinkle linen top in black; recycled polyester hoodie dress; spotty dress detail.



Mimi Fong Atelier Book